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Congratulations to Ariana Prince from Rochester Grammar School, Kent - the 2013 Schools Memory Champion

Ariana Prince from Rochester Grammar School in Kent, wins the 2013 Schools Memory Championships. She was presented with her trophy at the World Memory Championships on Decembers 2nd 2013 in Croydon by Tony Buzan and eight times World Memory Champion Dominic O'Brien.

Join in the quest to find the Uk Schools Memory Champion 2014

Step One - Book a Memory Workshop organised by  Learning Performance

Step Two - Start a Brain Club to practice memory skills

Step Three - Hold a memory competition in the school to recognise achievements

Step Four - Test your memory skills on the national stage by joining the UK Schools Memory Championships

For more information call Learning Performance on 01903 872 849

The First South African Memory Championships produces two Champions

Siphesihle Shabane becomes the first South African Schools Memory Champion.


In a thrilling display of memory and recall prowess, the 15 year old Student emerged as the clear winner and managed to get a new Schools record by memorising 134 decimals in 15 minutes – This after less than two weeks memory training.  Do we have a potential adult World  Memory Champion?


Congratulations to Powerstudying and to the staff and students at Ashton International College, Ballito where the competitions took place on Satruday, October 6th 2012. The finalists came from three schools: Ashton International College, Crawford North Coast and Northwood Boys.  Click here to see full report  

2012 UK Schools Memory Champion is crowned  

Tony Buzan Co-founder of the World Memory Championships presents the award to Matthew at the Science Museum in London.


Matthew from Southlands High School, Chorley, Lancashire attended a memory training session in May and within two months became the UK Champion – along the way he memorised the exact order of a random sequence of 71 words.  


This year we are delighted to announce that Learning Performance headed by Roger Starbuck and his team of presenters are now organising the competition on behalf of the UK Schools Memory Championships.


Now in its sixth year, the UK Schools Memory Championship has established an enviable reputation for helping students acquire powerful mental skills that improve both learning and self-confidence. 


The competition tests the ability of students to memorise a series of word, random decimals and fictional dates. However, this is a measure of how well they have trained their working memory.


Memory and IQ


Researchers have found that working memory is a more powerful predictor of academic success than IQ.  One of their conclusions is that we should target our efforts in developing working memory skills in order to see the greatest gains in learning.


Working Memory and Fluid Intelligence


Fluid intelligence, as defined by researchers, is the ability to reason and to solve new problems independently of previously acquired knowledge.  It is considered one of the most important factors in learning and it is closely related to professional and educational success, especially in complex and demanding environments.


The researchers found that training the working memory led to an increase in fluid intelligence and also that the gains in intelligence depended on the amount of training: the more training, the more improvement.


Dominic O’Brien, who is an eight times winner of the Wolrd Memory Championships and co-founder of the Schools Memory Championships says. “Students learn how to memorise a sequence of unconnected data by engaging the whole of their brain in particular key functions such as logic and imagination. It’s a transferable skill. By training one’s working memory a student quickly learns how to learn and remember anything.”


If you or your school would like to take part in the next UK Schools Memory Championships please contact Roger Starbuck at Learning Performance.

EVA BALL (15) of Bablake School, Coventry takes Gold – defeating all comers, to become the 2009 UK Schools Memory Champion.

Approaching 1,700 pupils at more than 60 schools from England, Scotland and Wales battled it out for one of the 100 places at the Championship Finals, held in Northampton on Tuesday 7th July.
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